Hosted Activities - Saturday, April 7th

During President’s Club, you and your guest are invited to enjoy one Alteryx-hosted activity per person on Saturday, April 7th.  Activity choices must be made prior to Monday, March 5th.  We will reconfirm your selected activity with an email confirmation prior to the event, as well as at check-in on Wednesday, April 4th.  We regret that any cancellations or changes to an activity that has been guaranteed will result in forfeiture of your hosted activity for that day.
 Your Activity
 Select an activity for you and your guest during registration. This activity is hosted by Alteryx -   Enjoy!  You and Your guest are not required to choose the same activity.  Please note: the   pricing listed for some activities are based on a minimum requirement.  If the minimum   requirement isn't met, we will contact you to discuss if the activity will be cancelled or if there   is a change in price to accommodate the lower group size by Monday, February 26, 2018.
Activity is waitlisted?  During registration, if the activity of your choice is waitlisted, choose your second favorite and   contact the President's Club Registration Team  to be added to the waitlist.  You will be   contacted if there have been any cancellations and you can be added to this activity.
Changed your mind?  You have until Sunday, March 4, 2018, to contact the President’s Club Registration Team   to change or cancel your activity choice.
What to wear/bring  Please reference your chosen activity’s description on this website for tips on what to wear   and what you might want to bring!
Confirmation   You will receive a personalized agenda upon arrival to Singapore with the departure time and   details of where to meet on the day of your activity.
Cancellations   Cancellations or changes to an activity that has been previously guaranteed will result in   forfeiture of your hosted activity for that day.
Botanic Gardens & Tai Chi
Welcome to a nature wonderland and embark on a rejuvenating workout amidst an oasis of greenery and tranquility.  The 158-year old Singapore Botanic Gardens are Singapore's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and flaunts an impressive array of tropical flora set in stunning verdant landscape.  The featured attraction is the National Orchid Garden, which houses 20,000 varieties of orchids!  In addition, introduce your body to a special treat - a Tai Chi class with a Tai Chi master!  Tai Chi is both an art form and an exercise that is considered to be highly effective in building inner core strength. Unwind with a unique lunch dining experience in nature at the park's outdoor restaurant, Halia, before returning to the hotel.
 Activity Time
 9:00am - 2:00pm
 Inclusions   Transportation with English speaking guide, Water,   Admission to National Orchid Garden, Tai Chi Lesson,   Group Lunch
 What to   wear/bring   Casual or Sports Attire, Comfortable Walking Shoes
Tiger Brewery Tour
Tiger is a locally produced beer that Singaporeans are proud of.  Begin the day with a group lunch before embarking on the Tiger Brewery Tour, where you will experience a fun, interactive 45-minute guided tour starting in the visitor center.  Learn about the rich history and brand heritage of Tiger Beer.  You will then feel and smell the aroma of the malt at the ingredient kiosk and learn more about the brewing process in the Brew House.  The tour ends in the Packaging Gallery where you will learn to pour yourself a draught beer while delving into the packaging process of Tiger Beer. The day ends with a 45-minute beer sampling session of the refreshing taste of the freshest brews at the Tiger Tavern and buy exclusive gifts from Tiger Den, the souvenier shop.
 Activity Time  11:30am - 3:30pm
 Inclusions   Transportation with English speaking guide, Water, Group   Lunch, 45-min Guided Tour, 45-min Beer Sampling Session
 What to   wear/bring   Smart Casual Attire, Comfortable Walking Shoes
City Tour
Singapore's success story with urban planning saw the island transform from a sleepy fishing village in the 12th century into a cosmopolitan 'city within a garden' over a relatively short span of history.  Take a rickshaw ride to The Singapore Flyer, where you will experience the breathtaking panoramic views of Singapore and beyond on a 30-minute ride on the world's largest observation wheel.  Explore the Singapore City Gallery, a visitor center that captures this history through a fascinating 11m x 11m architectural scale model that will give you a fascinating bird's-eye view of the city.  Take a bumboat ride on the Singapore River and drift comfortably into the history of early Singapore as seen in the colonial architectural landmarks, bridges and beautifully restored riverside warehouses that contrast excitingly against the modern skyscrapers.  Finally, enjoy lunch as a group at Peony Jade, a fantastic Chinese restaurant nearby.
 Activity Time  9:00am - 2:30pm
 Inclusions   Transportation with English speaking guide, Water, 
 Rickshaw Ride, Singapore Flyer Flight, Admission to   Singapore City Gallery, Bumboat Ride, Group Lunch
 What to   wear/bring   Smart Casual Attire, Comfortable Walking Shoes
Colorful Heritage Tour
Experience firsthand the culture, traditions and past times of the multi-racial communities of Singapore.  Discover the 3 major ethnic cultures in Singapore, starting with the colorful streets of "Little India."  With an English-speaking guide at each stop, weave your way through to seek out spices and various curry bases, and unearth the significance of the fragrant jasmine garlands to the Hindus.  Next, visit Kampong Glam, the place to take in the history and culture of the Malay people.  Along Arab Street, be dazzled by the sights, sounds and smells of the various street shops selling textiles, rattan, carpets, oil-based perfumes, and other age old trades which sustained the early immigrants.  Last but not least, explore Chinatown by foot, where interconnected streets lined with lovingly-restored conservation shop-houses call silently out to passerbys.  Observe age-old customs and the architecture of a bygone era, while hunting for souvenirs and gifts to take home.  End the day with lunch at a local Chinese restaurant before returning to the hotel.
 Activity Time  9:00am - 2:00pm
 Inclusions   Transportation with English speaking guide, Water, Guided   Tour at Each Stop, Group Lunch
 What to   wear/bring   Casual Attire, Comfortable Walking Shoes
Kayak to Kelong
Enjoy a 2-hour kayaking tour in the Singapore waters and visit one of the local fishing kelongs.  Kelong is a malay word used to describe a form of offshore platform built predominantly with wood, and can be found in waters off Malaysia and Indonesia.  You will be equipped on a double kayak, on which you will see the natural sea life and daily routines of the local fishermen.  Whether you are new or experienced, young or old, there is something for everyone kayaking to the local fishing kelongs and farms.
 Activity Time  9:00am - 12:00pm
 Inclusions   Transportation with English speaking guide, Water
 Double kayak rental
 What to   wear/bring   Casual & Comfortable Clothing