Travel Tips

Roundtrip airport transportation to Zoëtry Marigot Bay is provided for you and your guest on main arrival date, March 30 and on main departure date, April 2.

Time Zone 
St. Lucia is on the Atlantic Standard Time Zone. For example, when it is 9:00 AM in Florida, it will be 10:00 AM in St. Lucia.

While most attractions, accommodations, and shops in St. Lucia accept US dollars, the island’s official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. The airports and many resorts and hotels can offer currency exchange services based on the current exchange rate. You can find the current exchange rate at

Electric Current 
An important note, especially for travelers from the United States, is that St. Lucia uses higher voltage. While some hotels offer 110v current, most are 220 - 240v. This means that US visitors will need a converter to use items like cell phone chargers brought from home. These can be found rather inexpensively online, and many resorts and hotels offer them (sometimes for a fee).

The weather in St. Lucia stays consistently warm throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from 23 to 31 degrees Celsius (84 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit). The busiest time to visit St. Lucia is from December to April during the driest season. Visitors take advantage of this season to adventure through the Tet Paul Nature Trail in Soufrière and the Pitons, soak in the mineral baths in Soufrière, and zipline through the dense rainforests.

Packing Tips 
One of the most common unforeseen travel expenses is purchasing things that you forgot to pack. While you aren’t likely to forget your boarding pass or passport, you want to think about what you will need during your time in St. Lucia. Planning to visit the beaches? Consider towels, swimwear, and sunscreen. Want to explore the Pitons or the rain forest? Bring sturdy hiking shoes. Don’t forget phone chargers and toiletries as well!

Dress Code
The general attire for the program is resort casual, (i.e., comfortable clothing and walking shoes, shorts, sundresses, etc.), click here for more details on recommended attire. Please note the restaurants on the property have a dress code for indoor dining. For our Dine Around evening, “Resort Elegant” is strictly enforced by the hotel. Please reference the President's Club program agenda to ensure you have made the proper arrangements.

The following are a few suggestions for clothing:


Hat, Sunscreen and Comfortable Walking Shoes


Please reference your chosen activity descriptions for clothing suggestions


Light Sweater or Wrap

Dinner Events

Welcome Reception: Resort Casual | Comfortable Clothing, Shorts & Sundresses

Dine Around: Resort Elegant | Collared Shirts & Long Pants, Dresses, Skirts/Capris & Tops, No Flip Flops 

Awards Night: Cocktail Attire | Sport Coat & Slacks or Suit, Cocktail Dress or Dressy Skirts & Tops

Telephone Calls 
While the best bet for many modern travelers is simply to activate international data and call on their current mobile phones, there are a few telecommunications options on the island. Card and coin phone boxes can be found at locations throughout the island. It is also possible to rent a cell phone while on the island, and you can check at your point of entry for more information.

There are also two providers on the island, FLOW and Digicel, that offer services and pre-paid calling cards upon request.

When making a phone call to St. Lucia you will need to dial 1 + 758 + the phone number. When making a call to the United States from St. Lucia, dial 1 + area code + phone number.