Welcome to RKO 2022!


Incorta’s 2022 Revenue Kickoff (RKO) is coming up quickly!

This event — our new, annual tradition — will give us an effective, high-energy venue to share best practices, recognize great contributions, get to know each other better, and cement our approach to winning together as a team.

Right now, Incorta leaders and sales support teams are working hard to build a rich RKO agenda that will help us all:

  • build and strengthen important sales/marketing skills;
  • expand our understanding of the Incorta platform; and
  • learn about the key plays and industry strategy that can help us sell more Incorta, more quickly

But that’s not all. RKO also lets us come together to celebrate YOU — all the key contributors to Incorta’s success who rise higher and invent a better tomorrow each and every day with your passion, ingenuity and hard work.

Everything at RKO 2022 will be designed to help you — and Incorta — truly “Lift Off!” in 2022.

Now let’s get ready to reach higher and achieve another level of greatness.

Viva Las Vegas!



Scott Jones
Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                                                                                                


Registration Deadline

Attendees must register by EOD December 1, 2021 so that air travel can be secured. You will be able to book your air travel to coincide with the dates of the meeting during your registration process.