Alteryx will be holding rotations of breakout sessions on Tuesday, January 30.   You will be able to indicate your preference of four (4) breakout sessions during the registration process.
Please see below for Sales Huddle options. 
Advanced Analytics - The Data Revolution
The Alteryx platform enables organizations to step up their game - this we know.  But for those who don't, how do you lead conversations with senior execs about expanding Advanced Analytics across their enterprise?  In this session, we'll discuss the enterprise use cases that take customers from the end of their ropes to the edge of their seats!
A Little Less Losing, A Little More Adoption
Puzzled by what makes a WINNING adoption strategy - what are the critical success factors and what makes them fail?  Join this session to learn more about applying account based adoption strategies. 
Break On Through to the Other Personas
What excites a CDO?  What inspires an IT leader?  Take part in this session to discover tips and tricks for selling to these strategic personas.  From Data Governance to Self-Service - learn how to successfully align with the mandates that drive their priorities.  As a bonus, expect to garner insight for effectively engaging with our internal SMEs who #MakeItHappen on the daily.
Connect Together - Right Now!
Alteryx Server + Connect - now that's a winning value prop!  By the end of this session, you'll be able to identify the demand that signals how and when to deliver an award-winning proposal.  And while you're at it - shorten those expand cycles by combining Server and Connect.
Experience the Thrill of Winning - A Strategy Workshop
Struggling with selling to IT?  Stumbling when selling to business leaders?  If you answered yes to either, join this interactive workshop - expect to breakthrough barriers and solve problems related to executing a winning sales strategy!
Show Me the Data
Data enrichment is the key to unlocking additional value in any account.  From site selection to customer insights analysis - come learn the use cases that matter most and the tactics that really work for selling more with data.
Total Analytics Badassery
It's true - Alteryx uses Alteryx.  Or as some say, we drink our own champagne!  If you're interested in learning about the use cases that fuel the Alteryx corporate engine, this session is for you.
*Note: champagne not included